Invite Sky Guy to your next event.  
Whether it be a party, a Grand
Opening, Super Sale or any other
event, Sky Guy will draw attention to
your event.

Standing over 20' tall, he will move in
all directions.  Price includes delivery,
setup and pickup.  Sales Tax is not
included.  You are responsible for any
permits or permissions.  Sky Guy can
dance in any kind of weather, however
we do ask that you bring him inside
when not in use.

Please remember:

Sky guy can not be within 20' of power
lines, buildings, trees or other objects.

A 120 volt outlet is required.  We do
furnish a 100' electric cord.  If any
further from a electric outlet, you are
responsible for providing additional
electric cords.
1 day with moonwalk rental
1 day without moonwalk rental
2 day rental
3 day rental
1 week rental