1. Equipment must be operated on a smooth surface such as grass or a hard top surface (not sand!).  The unit may
not be operated on rough surfaces such as rocks, bricks, glass or jagged objects.  Before Jumping Jeremy’s arrives,
please check the area where the moonwalk will be set up.  Check for low hanging limbs or wires.  Metal stakes will be
used to secure the moonwalk if it is set up on grass.  Please mark any underground wires or pipes.

2. Unit must be anchored with stakes or sandbags prior to use.   

3. Unit should be deflated and not used in windy or gusty conditions.

4. The moonwalk positively may not be located within 10 feet of any wall, pole, roof, or fixed object.

5. Children of the same age group must play on the moonwalk at the same time. Do not overload! The maximum
number of people (unless stated otherwise on the moonwalk) in each group that should play on moonwalk at one time
is as follows
6-8 YEARS: 8

6. All persons must remove shoes, eyeglasses, and any sharp objects before entering moonwalk.

7. An adult (over 18 years of age) must always be present during use of moonwalk.  Adult is responsible for
supervision of moonwalk.

8. Never jump or play on a partially inflated or deflated moonwalk.

9. No one is allowed to play or climb on walls, sides, nets or roof.

10. Never put a water hose or water on moonwalk.

11. In case of rain, remove everyone and unplug motor and extension cord from receptacle.  After deflated, fold unit on
it to keep play area dry.  Cover moonwalk with tarp or plastic.  When rain is over, remove tarp or plastic, plug blower
into outlet, turn blower on, wait until moonwalk inflates, then resume jumping.

12. There is no horseplay, flips, wrestling or diving allowed within moonwalk.

13. No food, drink, candy, birthday cake, animals or silly string are allowed in, on, or near the moonwalk. A cleaning fee
of up to $100 may be charged if moonwalk has any of the above in or on it upon pickup.

14. Should the moonwalk deflate, do not panic.  It takes several minutes for the moonwalk to completely deflate.  Most
moonwalks have safety flaps in the top that children may climb out through.   You will be given a checklist in case of
any problem, plus Jumping Jeremy’s phone number and cell phone number..

15. Payment is collected upon delivery (check or cash)  if paying by cash, please have correct change.  If paying by
check, check must be from the person who reserved the moonwalk.

16.  For insurance purposes, contract must be signed by the person who reserved the moonwalk and whose name
appears on the contract.
Safety is important.
Here are some rules and guidelines to ensure a safe and fun event